Just Do It.

During a recent session my therapist asked me, "Why don't you just do it then?" His question followed my ramblings about a dream idea I've had for a couple of years now but haven't really worked towards bringing to fruition. I'm still gnawing on the question for that situation but I've noticed how applicable that [...]

Lafayette Water Stops

    I often get asked about where water fountains are located in town since I regularly plan my running routes around them. I decided it was time to put that information on paper so my friends and fellow athletes can more easily take advantage of this great resource in our community! My husband and [...]

Running Eagle Rock Loop

Eagle Rock Loop is a nearly 27 mile trail loop located in the Ouachita National Forest in central Arkansas located about an hour southeast of Mena. The loop consist of three trails: Little Missouri, Athens-Big Fork and the Viles Branch Equestrian Trails and is often deemed the most challenging loop in Arkansas. Interestingly, the trail [...]

Resting Well

Last week's focus was on resting and recovering from Hotter Than Hell. After running 33 flat miles in the woods in the middle of the night my body appreciated every effort I made to treat it kindly. I grew up playing sports and remember phrases like "Pain is gain", "Mind over matter" and "Pain is [...]