Lafayette Water Stops


<<Updated: May 26, 2018>>

Delicious lemonade!

I often get asked about where water fountains are located in town since I regularly plan my running routes around them. I decided it was time to put that information on paper so my friends and fellow athletes can more easily take advantage of this great resource in our community! My husband and I drove around town on a “Field Trip” to snap pictures of all of the fountains. The best part of our “Field Trip” was the fact that just a block down from our very last water fountain three kids in our Saint Street neighborhood were having an impromptu lemonade stand. The lemonade was delightfully refreshing and the kids made a killing on their entrepreneurial endeavor- at least from our two glasses!

Below you will find:

  • A one page, printable map with each fountain location listed.
  • A description and picture of each water fountain to help make it easier for you to find while out walking, running or cycling.
  • A mapped route accessing many of the fountains.

One Page Map

Water Stops- Lafayette-Final-page-001

I Introduce to you….

1. 1618 Myrtle Place

This water fountain is located at the dead end of Myrtle Place heading towards Eraste Landry Rd. from Congress St.

Myrtle Place
1618 Myrtle Place


2. Oaklawn Park restroom area
The park is located on the corner of Jeanne St and W. St. Patrick St.

Oaklawn Park
Oaklawn Park restroom area


3. 104 Sidney Dr.
Located in White Subdivision in the Saint Street area between Wilbert St. and Eraste Landry Rd.

104 Sidney Dr


4. Recreational Sports Complex on Coliseum Rd.
The fountain is located on the left side of the building from this angle.
***IMPORTANT: This is often not turned on when school is out.***

ULL Rec Sports Complex
UL Recreational Sports Complex


5. Red Lerille’s Health and Racquet Club on Doucet Rd.
This fountain is located directly across from the entrance doors and next to the tennis courts.

Red Lerille’s Gym water fountain


6. 101 Ducharme Lane
This fountain is located right off of Doucet Rd. on the corner of Ducharme Lane and Ducharme Court. It’s easy to miss so look for the painted mural in the background of the picture instead.

101 Ducharme Lane


7. 103 Shannon Road 
Right off of W. Bayou Parkway and a bit behind Red Lerille’s Gym, this fountain is attached to the brick mailbox close to the corner. This fountain is easy to miss so remember the address the first time you go.

103 Shannon Rd.


8. Worth Ave playground 
This water fountain is right off of the Worth Ave and Camellia St. intersection. Worth Ave dead ends into this playground instead of linking to Settler’s Trace.

Worth Ave playground
Worth Ave playground


9. River Ranch City Club Pro Shop
Located at 221 Elysian Fields Dr. this water stop is the mecca of all water stops. There is an ice machine that dispenses water in addition to a water fountain. There is even access to restrooms! Ice and water are on the right side of the building and restrooms are on the left side of the building.

City Club
City Club Pro Shop


10. 105 Fleur De Lis Lane 
This little water fountain is barely noticeable in this picture much less from the street! It’s a treat when running in the East Bayou Parkway area though. This short street is located near the Acacia Dr and E. Bayou Parkway intersection. Note: When searching on a mapping system use the spelling “Fluer” to locate the road.

Fleur De Lis
You guessed it: 105 Fleur De Lis Lane (or when searching online “Fluer” De Lis Lane)


11. 805 Bendel Rd. 
Many runners are familiar with this well placed water fountain right off of Marguerite Blvd on Bendel Rd. This stop even comes equipped with a trashcan. (Thank you, nice homeowner!)

805 Bendel Rd


12. Girard Park
Girard Park offers 6 water fountains! Five of the fountains are located on the bright green restroom buildings and the pavilion area. The sixth fountain is located on the track and is flanked in a large PVC pipe presumably to protect the hard- to- see piping. Note: The track is 1.25 miles long and is typically heavily trafficked.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Girard PVC
Easily accessible water fountain on the Girard Park track.


13. Main St. near Gordon Intersection
This beauty of a fountain is located in one of Glenn Armentor’s many parking lots near his office. This is a great option if running near the Freetown area or Downtown.

Main St
Main St. near Gordon- Glenn Armentor Parking Lot


*Cafe 20.3, located on the corner of University and General Mouton Ave., provides water and Gatorade outside every Saturday and Sunday from 6:30 in the morning until around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. The quaint restaurant/ bar is owned by local athletes so they even sell fueling options inside if needed.

*An additional fountain is located in the middle of Parc Lafayette off of Camellia and Kaliste Saloom.

Running Route:

My goal with this route is twofold: to make a big, enjoyable running loop around town and show you the relative distance from one stop to another. By clicking “Water Stop Route” you’ll be directed to a map of an 18 mile route which includes 9 water fountains. This was created in MapMyRun so you can have the map sent to your MapMyRun app on your phone, if desired. The route starts and finishes at Girard Park and even re-connects with it at mile 11 for those wanting a shorter distance than 18.

Mileage and Fountains on Route:
Start: Girard Park
Mile 1: Bendel Rd. fountain
Mile 4: Fleur De Lis fountain
Mile 6.3: City Club Pro Shop (Ice and water!)
Mile 8.9: Shannon Rd. fountain
Mile 11.2: Girard Park fountains
Mile 14.5: Myrtle Place fountain
Mile 16.8: Main St. foundation
Mile 18/ Finish: Girard Park fountains

Remember to thank the homeowners who host the water fountains on their property. They are offering their yard space and even paying for the water used by all of us. An additional thank you goes to Civicside who just a few years ago was able to unite citizens in Acadiana to accomplish the task of funding and building many of these fountains.

Stay hydrated, friends!

Training Recap for Week 9 of 24:  45.2 miles total
Monday-  Rest
Tuesday- 6 miles with Kelly (4 strides)
Wednesday- 8 mile tempo run
Thursday- Rest (Accidental rest day; late mtg)
Friday- Rest (Accidental rest day; late mtg)
Saturday- 26.2 miles in Lafayette with Edie
Sunday- 5 miles on treadmill

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